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Create the Ultimate Patio Experience

Create the
Ultimate Patio Experience

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Make your dream patio come true. Restaurants, Rooftop, patios and terrasses – our team of designers, engineers and analysts, will work with you to create the ultimate outdoor venue. 

Full Turn-Key Solutions – myStation Professional services includes: the latests technologies of fully retractable roofing systems and structures, motorized sliding windows, commercial heating, flooring options and commercial surface finishing. The greatest selection of patio furniture in Canada – All the latest designs!

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Retractable Roofs


Patio Fencing

Commercial Heating

Solar Screens

Commercial Flooring

Unique Options

Our fully customizable products come with unique options to meet all your needs

Sustainable Saving

Retractable awning & windows can help save on your energy costs and boost profits

The Patio Experience

Check out all of the features and benefits the next generation of patio structures can offer you

myStation Professional Solutions

Motorized Retractable Roofs

Retractable Roofs

Pre-engineered and built to custom size, our commercial grade aluminum structures with integrated retractable canopies can be paired with curtains, roll down screens and heaters to create three-season and four-season spaces in any commercial setting.


Motorized Louvers Structures

MyStation exclusive Motorized Tiltable Louver Systems are custom built  louver structures made with commercial grade aluminum. It has a gutter integrated draining system that ensures efficient and hidden water drainage. Completely sealed protecting your space from rain and debris.

Motorized Guillotine & Slidding Doors Windows

Our new Motorized Guillotine Windows Sashes or Motorized Windshield, wind blocking windows that can be moved up and down using remote control units. The lower sash that is fixed, can be used as a rail. Allowing guests the ability to enjoy all the seasons in comfort. Easily adjust the patio windows to fit just about any weather conditions. 

Gas, Electric & Portable Heating

MyStation  has heating solutions for all your outdoor needs. Increase your Restaurant Sales or just keep your guest comfortable! Patios and Rooftops are growing increasingly popular. Extend your seasons and enjoy the comfort and increased profitability. We design specifically what solutions works best for your needs.

Commercial Flooring

Stone, Tile, Terrazzo quality installation for your Terraces and Rooftops. We utilize adjustable paver supports designed to support tile pavers of different formats and thicknesses. We also do custom floor entrances and hotel lobbies or kitchen areas. 

Commercial Surface Finishing

Hotels and Restaurants special surface finishing needs.  Whether it be Epoxy Flooring – Urethan Cement – Painting – Surface Cleaning – Concrete Polishing – Polymer treatment and many others, … Find the appropriate long lasting solution for your space and budget.

glass window

Retractable Glass Roofs

Allow guests the ability to enjoy the seasons in comfort.  Our retractable custom Glass Roofs for terraces and rooftops accommodate just about any weather conditions. A comfortable outdoor dining experience provides added square footage. Impress your guests with an open air environment. 

Awning & Solar Screens

Our custom manufactured exterior Zip Retractable Shading Systems screens ensures great privacy and year-round protection from sun, wind, rain and insects. Our outdoor shade systems are made from durable UV and sun-protective fabrics that do more than shade your space.