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Fabric Buildings Engineered to Outperform


Sprung is the world’s fastest way to build high- performance fabric structures for any industry, proven on 12,000+ projects and counting. Our technology-backed approach avoids supply chain challenges and traditional construction delays.

For more than a century, the name Sprung has been synonymous with superior, custom-made fabric membrane buildings, all of which are developed using our patented, highly innovative technology. Sprung’s modern, relocatable, clear-span fabric shelters are cost-effective and allow for rapid construction, flexible design and the ability to adapt quickly to changing needs and markets.

In the face of modern-day building challenges that include tight construction schedules, limited budgets and increasingly strict mandates around sustainable design, architects all over the world are embracing the Sprung structure as a creative and permanent solution for meeting their clients’ needs

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Fabric Buildings Engineered to Outperform​

With Unbeatable Durability

All fabric buildings by Sprung are made from high-quality materials that are individually tested using strict performance measures. Our advanced-tech fabric enclosures have proven durability in some of the most extreme climates on earth, from the hottest of desert conditions to the bitter winds and cold of the Arctic tundra.

After designing and constructing the NASA Space Shuttle housing facility in the early 1980s, Sprung’s reputation for making advanced, thoroughly reliable tensioned fabric structures — also called fabric enclosures or fabric shelters — became known globally. With more than 12,000 structures erected in over 100 countries, Sprung has been the solution for a wide range of applications, including oil and gas buildings, military structures, event centers, aircraft hangars, mining facilities and more.

Energy-Efficient and Air-Tight

Throughout the assembly process of every Sprung structure, a technical consultant is on-site to monitor the project, ensuring quality is never compromised and each tension fabric building meets our rigorous standards. Sprung fabric membrane structures have an optional energy efficient fiberglass insulation package, which outperforms other types of construction, lessens environmental impact and lowers operational costs. Additionally, the building envelope is virtually air tight thanks to our unique highly tensioned membrane design and premium insulation.

Imagine having the freedom to design a completely open space, unhindered by structural support. Designing within the clear span of a Sprung structure gives you a blank canvas to create unique and functional spaces that not only meet your customers’ needs, but also exceed their expectations of what is truly possible.

Bright, modern and spacious, Sprung structures offer a truly distinct and versatile solution for occupants who are at work or play.

Commercial - Community - Industrial - Military

Sprung’s build rate is faster than conventional construction

While it can take months to design and build a pre-engineered metal or conventional construction building, the design of a Sprung structure takes mere days, and construction takes weeks. (Refer to our Comparison Matrix for more details.)

The Sprung team can complete a non-insulated structure at a rate of up to 2,000 sq. ft. (186 square meters) per day, and an insulated structure as quickly as 1,000 sq. ft. (93 sq. m.) per day. This speediness means that businesses can often open ahead of schedule, expand production or reach new markets more quickly.

Minimal foundation requirements

When appropriate soil conditions exist, no foundations are required for Sprung structures up to 160 feet wide. As a result, little or no ground surface preparation is required, which means you can start building right away while saving both time and money.

Fully expandable and relocatable

The clear-span, modular design of a Sprung structure allows for quick and easy expansion or relocation. Sprung structures can be disassembled, moved or completely reconfigured, even after many years of use.

Rapid Solution

At Sprung, we know very well that the ability to facilitate rapid construction is one of our best and most compelling assets. With sales offices around the world, manufacturing and distribution centers in North America and the Middle East, and more than two million square feet of inventory, we’re able to ensure exceptionally fast delivery and timely project completion. In fact, most Sprung structures can be delivered within three weeks of their initial order.

Cost efficiency

The initial costs of building with Sprung are lower than those of traditional building types. Sprung keeps more than two million square feet of inventory on-hand so that structures can be shipped immediately and built much faster than conventional buildings. Reduced delivery and construction schedules translate to real savings in time and budget.

In addition, Sprung’s patented membrane tensioning system is more airtight than other building systems. This airtight system, combined with our performance insulation, makes our structures much more energy-efficient, ensuring notable cost savings throughout the life of each structure. Read this case study for a real-life example of these energy savings.

Architecturale Membrane

For Permanent Membrane Structures: Sprung’s Dupont TEDLAR Film Membrane or Kynar Film Membrane

Aluminium Substructure

Advantages Of Aluminum Over Steel

Performance Insulation

Sprung’s insulated buildings perform

Lighting & Heating

Automated and adaptable, Sprung’s Lighting system is designed and engineered to integrate seamlessly into each Sprung structure. Featuring quick-connect hardware, our lights are installed by electricians during the preliminary stages of construction, allowing for easy attachment and instant activation. Sprung Lighting is also sleek, durable, long-lasting and energy efficient. 

Windows & Doors

Sprung structures include a variety of design aesthetics that are consistent with natural-light buildings. We offer many different types of windows and natural-light building accessories that add an architectural flair to your space and improve its appearance both inside and out. These include:

 Entrances & Corridors

Sprung’s engineered connecting corridor system provides a safe, reliable and costeffective solution to enclose any walkway, allowing you to control pedestrian traffic flow while providing protection from the elements. Covered walkways and connecting corridors (with optional insulation) are available in a variety of widths for all Sprung tensioned membrane structures. 


Adding logos or graphics to a Sprung structure’s clean, bright and highly tensioned membrane helps to make corporate branding and unique color schemes stand out.

In addition to optional design templates, every Sprung structure comes with a complimentary graphic logo that is designed and applied to the exterior membrane in Sprung’s certified ISO manufacturing and distribution centers. All of our graphic elements are applied in a controlled environment, ensuring long-lasting results in any weather condition.



Your Sprung structure is a blank canvas, ready for you to present your brand to the world. We print in-house, so we can match your design needs precisely and apply your branding directly to the structure’s exterior membrane. We can add a simple logo over the entrance or cover the entire structure.

Our team can help you design a color scheme and graphics package that will enhance the aesthetics of your local community. No other company can give you the freedom to design like Sprung does.

Design Flexibility

At Sprung, we take a meticulous and strategic approach to all aspects of a structure’s design, ensuring it will meet our customer’s current needs while remaining entirely adaptable to future challenges.

Imagine having the freedom to design a completely open space, unhindered by structural support. Designing within the clear span of a Sprung structure gives you a blank canvas to create unique and functional spaces that not only meet your customers’ needs, but also exceed their expectations of what is truly possible.

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