Motorized Guillotine & Slidding Doors Windows

Give your customers a room with a view.

Give your customers a room with a view.

Windows, Panels, Blinds and Shades:

Our windows and doors slide, extend, pull, swing or fold away; they bring the most outdoors indoors, all year long. The top brands, a great selection and the best prices. Sourced from all over the world,  our manufacturers present an expansive choice of design styles, materials and functionality, providing the perfect solutions for your patio. Making the best choice begins with expertise; with MyStation you’ll have it ‘made in the shade’ in no time at all.

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Window Options

Fully customizable window options to suit your needs and appearance you prefer

Keep the rain out

Retractable and sliding window options to keep your space comfortable and dry

Stay Warm

Extend your season and control the elements by adding shade options

Motorized Guillotine & Windshield Windows Solutions


This product is a vertical hung-sash retraction system that is ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels, private, commercial and industrial buildings. The system is aluminum & glass retractable system, which is innovative, highly functional and beautiful to look at. Its main advantage is the lack of mullion profiles in open position. No view blockage. Sliding panels take up space when they are open, you don’t lose any space with a guillotine. The system also provides excellent ventilation. You have total control of retraction in all kinds of weather, in all levels of smoking environments. You can also customize the system by adding insect or sun.

Sliding Glass

The sliding systems have become widespread in a short time in order to beautify the environments such as cafes, restaurants, bars, patisseries, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and to create a decent environment. It moves on the bottom case profile. It can be preferred with or without threshold. Restrictions in the area will remove unwanted image and space loss. It offers spacious and modern surroundings. It protects against external influences in adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, dust, etc. If desired, sliding to desired direction allows spacious and wide environments for use. Thanks to its sliding wings, it completely provides integrity between inside and outside.

accordion door

Accordion Door

Create an integrity between outdoor and indoor during transition seasons, it enables you to capture the most comfortable freedom of movement with minimum loss of space. With up to 8 vent usage options it allows application in a width of more than 30 feet (9 meters).




Windshield Wind Breaking Systems could be used in cafes, restaurants, terraces, gardens and balconies for protection from the harsh  effects of winds without forsaking open air quality. Providing a barrier for wind and noise. 

Lift and Slide

Lift and Slide

The lift and slide is easy to operate and has advanced operating hardware. A simple turn of the large handle quietly disengages the secure locking mechanism and gently lifts the door effortlessly to open.