Gas, Electric & Portable Heating

Summer warmth at the touch of a button

Summer warmth at the touch of a button

Let us help you find the solution you need

May you have noticed the popularity of heaters on outdoor patios. Keeping patrons warn is a good way to get your profits cooking. But which system is just right for you? Our  decades of hospitality experience will help guide you to the right setup.

As well as our fixed gas and electric powered area heaters we also carry a wide range of standing heaters to keep your everyone warm. Plus a great selection of fire pits, fire tables and other heat accessories.

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Comfortable Space

For restaurants who want to create a comfortable, care free, ultimate space - the ultimate infrared patio heaters are here. These unique, gas fired and electric heaters produce infrared waves which heat objects in the space, rather than the air.

Heating Technology

We have the most sophisticated patio heating systems for your patio area! What makes them best? Simple… they work. Imagine a heater delivering warm dry floors, quiet draft free heat while consuming 30% to 40% less fuel.

Controlled Heat

Producing gas fired energy in the form of infrared waves, our heater warms the area at the turn of a switch with performance which has been called one step shy of magic.

Gas, Electric & Portable Heating Solutions

patio heater

Gas Patio Heaters

Outdoor gas-fired patio heaters are already standard to many applications, including restaurants, entertainment venues, and stadiums—this trend is continuing to grow. Many people prefer to sit outside even on cold days [so long as it’s comfortable], and having more comfortable seats is great for your bottom-line, too.

Electric & Infrared Heaters

Specially designed for outdoor commercial and hospitality establishments: they’re safe, modern, and require little space. With reasonable investment and only low operating costs per day, the pay-off period is short, too. Our outdoor heaters are known for their quality and performance. Take a look at our limitless electric and infrared heating options for your space.


Parasol Heaters

Our heavy-duty commercial-grade outdoor portable propane and fixed mount natural gas models are a low-cost option. The parasol gas heater comes in a modern durable stainless steel finish and offers an easy to ignite and adjust heat with a turn control.

Air Curtain

Air Curtains create an effective seal by re-circulating the facility air in a smooth laminar flow across an open doorway. This creates an air seal, like a waterfall, that prevents leakage of air between two areas with different pressures and climates. The more laminar this air flow, the harder it is for outside air, insects, or dust to penetrate the air curtain.

Westport Fire Table

Fire Pits

Our goal is to provide outdoor fire tables and fire pits with design features that are an artistic combination of form and function. Our outdoor fireplace products are designed to be beautiful works of art on their own. We then add fire burners to them and turn them into statement pieces that will be sure to become the center piece of any outdoor patio or landscape design.