Kwe Booth – Kube

Kwe is our two-person meeting booth. Perfect for private meetings between colleagues, brainstorming sessions or even work reviews. The creation of Kwe meets the open office need of private meeting spaces. It allows for a small private meeting space without incurring huge construction costs. Flawlessly designed, Kwe can fit two chairs, as well as a table in between. It features walls containing the latest polyester fiber acoustic panels that work to offer a high soundproofing environment. Kwe will quickly become your office’s go-to spot for meetings, telephone calls or just friendly office conversation. The Kube itself has a slim modern look with rounded corners and clean lines. Front and back vision panels are 10 mm tempered glass, as the standard option.

Kwe Booth – Kube

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  • Quiet air circulation system
    Replacing interior air 100 times per hour
  • Data Center
    2 USB ports
    2 Simplex outlets
  • Energy efficient
    Occupancy motion detector activated LED lighting and fans
  • Movable
    Leveling casters that allow you to move the units easily
  • Quick Assembly
    Easy installation instructions
  • Clear and clean design
  • Wide variety of color options