Ki Booth – Kube

Ki is our single person booth. It is designed to create a highly versatile workspace ideal for one person. This booth Features cutting-edge technology. With Ki , you can always count on a silent space free from outside noise and distractions. Everything is taken care of now all you need to do is focus on getting that project done.
The Kube itself has a slim modern look with rounded corners and clean lines. Front and back vision panels are 10 mm tempered glass as a standard. The surrounding walls with polyester fiber acoustic panels offer high soundproofing performance.

Ki Booth – Kube

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  • Quiet air circulation system
    Replacing interior air 100 times per hour
  • Data Center
    2 USB ports
    2 Simplex outlets
  • Energy efficient
    Occupancy motion detector activated LED lighting and fans
  • Movable
    Leveling casters that allow you to move the units easily
  • Quick Assembly
    Easy installation instructions
  • Clear and clean design
  • Wide variety of color options