Floor Lamp - Heatsail

Standard USA version

Consumption 3,22 kw/h
Infra-red heat 3100 Watt
Lighting 120 Watt


Diameter hood 100cm
Hood height 50cm
Base 43x43x32cm

Radiating range of 5 metres

$8,250 $7,995


Floor Lamp - Heatsail



Heatsail is a Belgian design company that has redefined the luxury lighting, heating and cooling arena. Extending the ultimate outdoor experience for the contract and residential markets is one of our specialties. We create unique long lasting experiences because our products not only extend the finest moments of a beautiful day, but are also long lasting design objects that treasure those best moments.


Siesta offers an extremely wide range of indoor and outdor products, with innumerable colour variations, with plastic materials like polyproplene and fiber glass matched to wood or metal, or latest trend like transparent polycarbonate or glossy PA6 nylon, with strong technical characteristics, that give the product inimitable qualities such as softness, opaqueness, flexibility and resistance to atmospheric agents.

Established in 2012, we implemented our Belgian Craftsmanship in the fullest sense of the word, as a true way of life. It is about fully engaging our heads, hands and hearts in our work. These principles of engagement produce objects that are functional and beautiful, whilst also making for a sustainable lifestyle.

Our DOME’s are real furniture pieces not only providing you with a warm glowing light, but also give you that extra bit of warmth on a chilly day or evening. Our BEEM products are unique solutions for open or covered areas. They provide a combination of lighting, heating and misting with lengths up to 5.2 meters. Both DOME and BEEM create a sense of exclusivity in a relaxed and enjoyable outdoor environment.

Optional accesories

  • Protect the DOME® with an optional cover
  • The DOME® is available in the standard colours of black or white. Optionally, the DOME® is also available in all RAL colours.
  • Use the DOME® fixture to create clear vertical clearance height of 195 cm instead of the standard 180 cm.
  • The DOME® HT generates up to 25% more heat with the same amount of energy consumption.
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0 connection with 2 x 80 Watt waterproof speakers built into the base of the DOME®.
  • A switch with 2 positions for the heating: 1500 or 3100 Watt.
    Switch for the lamp, a remote control unit to dim the lamp.The base of the DOME® is supplied with a 40 kg weight, and must be filled with concrete cobble sets
  • If you wish simply to assemble the DOME® you are best off using our TRIPOD. This will allow you to set up the DOME® within 30 minutes

Siesta, established in 1978, offers to an international public satisfying the most varied needs, through products conceived in the name of functionality and design.

The collection includes chairs, bar stools and tables, all designed to be multifunctional and multi-purpose, user friendly and with an indisputable style. With their colour, sense of irony, play on senses and unique forms, Siesta products are immediately recognizable throughout the world, offering longlasting, practical enjoyment

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