Motorized Louvers Structures

Motorized Tilltable or Retractable Louver System

Motorized Tilltable or Retractable Louver System

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Make your dream patio come true. Restaurants, Rooftop, patios and terrasses – our team of designers, engineers and analysts, will work with you to create the ultimate outdoor venue. 

Full Turn-Key Solutions – MyStation Professional services includes: the latests technologies of fully retractable roofing systems and structures, motorized sliding windows, commercial heating, flooring options and commercial surface finishing. 


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Sealing Gaskets

Powered by electric motor and sealed with high quality gasket plugs which can be used in all weather conditions

Stay Clean

The elliptical chamber on top side of the panel prevents the accumulated materials from falling in your indoor space during panel rotation

Panel Gasket

The louvered pane gasket provide heat and sound insulation and reduces condensation levels due to thermal break

Motorized Louvers Structures Solutions

Get the most from your outdoor space?

Our Louvered Roof & Structure gives you the flexibility to do just that. With the touch of a button or a you control your environment; creating the desired amount of sunlight or complete shelter from the rain. 

Imagine a durable, versatile and attractive patio cover. One that delivers shade on hot days, protects your family from harmful UV rays and keeps your deck and outdoor furniture dry during a rainstorm.  

We custom build your Louvered Structure as an addition to your home/business or as its own free-standing patio cover. Choose from a flat or pitched roof design made to fit your specifications. 


Side Attachment

guillotine window

Guillotine Window

This product is a vertical hung-sash retraction system that is ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels, private, commercial and industrial buildings. The system is aluminum & glass retractable system, which is innovative, highly functional and beautiful to look at. Its main advantage is the lack of mullion profiles in open position. No view blockage. Sliding panels take up space when they are open, you don’t lose any space with a guillotine. The system also provides excellent ventilation. You have total control of retraction in all kinds of weather, in all levels of smoking environments. You can also customize the system by adding insect or sun.



The Zip-Blind systems are motorized outdoor blinds that were designed for your all seasons comfort. The main point of the system is The Zip-Blind is specially designed zip which is welded to the edges of the blind fabric. Specially, ensures great privacy and year-round protection from sun, wind, rain and insects. The Zip-Blind’s lock technology with its base closer band obtains perfectly protection from sunlight/UV rays.

slidding glass

Sliding Glass

The sliding systems have become widespread in a short time in order to beautify the environments such as cafes, restaurants, bars, patisseries, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and to create a decent environment. It moves on the bottom case profile. It can be preferred with or without threshold. Restrictions in the area will remove unwanted image and space loss. It offers spacious and modern surroundings. It protects against external influences in adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, dust, etc. If desired, sliding to desired direction allows spacious and wide environments for use. Thanks to its sliding wings, it completely provides integrity between inside and outside.